CFD trading for beginners with Opteck

CFD trading operations can make different objectives, from ensuring an every-day income in the shape of dividends to obtaining immediate speculative gains. It is truly difficult to function in this area for several reasons (but it is quite real because thousands and thousands of traders around the world prove it every day). First, you need to have an incredible amount of knowledge. Secondly, an equally colossal set of skills and abilities is needed. Thirdly, we need a reliable source of information that we can rely on in our future activities. In all three cases, CFD Opteck can help. You may conduct stock transactions without leaving home! For this, use a whole group of special instruments, which are called Contract for Difference (CFD trading) for shares of the largest world companies.

CFD trading strategies

CFD tradingIn financial terms, the contract for a price difference is a contract between some seller and any buyer about paying a difference among the average contract value at the time of a special agreement and the value at the exact time of the sale. Simply put, by buying some CFD for 5000 shares of Corporation at a value of $ 35.00 per share, and selling it after some time at a price of $ 37.80, the buyer of the contract is certain to pay you a difference that will be 2.8 * 500 = $ 1,400. On the other hand, in case the price of the stock at the exact time you finish the transaction is lower than the other purchase price, the financial obligations to fully pay the difference will be ascribed to you.
When dealing CFD trading strategies and with account, you can make different transactions with amounts up to $ 120,000 inclusive. The size of the minimum possible contract for the difference is only 10 shares, the maximum size is not limited!

One of the topics of such trades is insurance. This issue is of prominent importance for all investors and traders, and with the larger amounts of their work – the sharper the need to ensure. After all, the risk of losing funds is always possible, but to lose large funds was many times more offensive than the small ones. Therefore, for large market players, payment is not always cheap, and policies become a necessity. But insurance is a separate market, which is also divided into its spheres and branches.
We propose you to check what you are as a true stock trader! We offer you to try CFD at Opteck. Here you will have a large choice of contracts for parts of the largest companies, also well known so-called index stocks (for example stock indexes such as industrial one or jones).

Basic advantages of CFD trading

When trading with Opteck CFD you get:

  • Small collateral requirements. The required deposit is only 10% of the actual price of the contract;
  • Ubiquity. Conducting trading operations is available from anywhere on the globe, where it is possible and easy to quickly connect to the Internet;
  • 100% of executed orders. Possibility of placing orders of any type at any price to the market movement;
  • Little % of commission. Commission fees charged for operations is from 0.05%;
  • Diversity. Clients of our platform always get access to a range of extraordinary financial instruments of the world for conducting operations.